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Yes! PreCure 5

Yes! PreCure 5

Nintendo DS
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Condition: Pre-owned
Region code: NTSC-J (Japan)
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Bandai


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Condition Description

The game is in overall good condition. There are light scuffs to the front of the plastic sleeve. The manual is not included. Please note that the game is a Japan import and can only be played in Japanese. However, any DS or 3DS console can play the game regardless of region.

Product Description

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 is a turn-based strategy game in which the player moves the team members of Pretty Cure 5 around on a grid. Computer-controlled opponents are members of Nightmare and their Kowaina. The whole game is controlled through the touch screen of the DS. Transforming, attacks, guarding, special attacks, and finishers are all performed by touching or slashing moving targets, or tracing patterns.

The objective in each battle is to maneuver the Kowaina to a certain marked area, whereupon Cure Dream will finish it off with a Dream Attack. Points are awarded for each action performed in battle, and for finishing a battle quickly. In between battles, the player can spend the points earned from battles in Natts House on either collecting Pinky gashapon figures or helpful items to be used in battle. Collecting all the Pinkies gives 20000 bonus points to be spent in the shop.

The game starts with just Yumehara Nozomi. More members of Pretty Cure 5 show up as the story progresses. The player is treated by Natts and the girls as if they are a regular customer at Natts House. Each part of the story is themed after one of the episodes of the anime, with for example Urara practicing lines for a stage performance like in episode 12, or Nozomi wondering if Rin is in love again like in episode 17. Each battle is introduced by Coco & Natts (in fairy form) reminiscing about the events of that episode. 18 of the first 22 episodes of the anime are covered (episodes 6, 13, 15 and 19 are the ones that are skipped). Details like only Cures Dream, Rouge and Lemonade fighting in episode 11, and episode 16's Kowaina being defeated with Cure Aqua's Aqua Stream instead of Dream Attack are replicated in the game. After all 18 parts of the story are completed, another set of battles is added in which there are two Kowainas instead of one Kowaina and a member of Nightmare, and all aspects of gameplay have stricter limits or are otherwise harder. These new battles don't have any stories.

Our Promise

Yes! PreCure 5 has been cleaned, tested and is working. If you experience any difficulties in getting the game to run on your system, please contact us via email or live chat. Faulty products will be refunded in full under our 30-day free warranty policy.

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