Our Story

Some of our favourite memories from our childhood may be those times that we spent playing video games with our friends, competing furiously in the afternoons after school. Or maybe it was those times that we sought to wind-down and relax by booting up a game and becoming captivated by its world. Whatever our memories may be, they evoke powerful feelings of nostalgia, and spark a desire to play those games once again.

GameFleets is here to make sure that you can play those games in a reliable and hassle-free way. Starting from a small Ebay store being run out of a tiny bedroom in 2012, we have built a strong reputation for excellent customer service, speedy delivery and reliability. Orders are shipped within 24 hours. Live chat support is available for any issues. All games are backed by our 30-day warranty. All products are photographed and described accurately. And most important of all, we make sure that you, as the customer, have an amazing experience buying video games from us.

We are confident when we say that we are the best online retailer for retro games in Australia.