Our Story

Some of our most vivid memories from our childhood may be those times that we spent playing video games with our friends, competing furiously in the afternoons after school. Or perhaps it was those times that we sought to wind-down by booting up a game and becoming captivated by its world. Whatever our recollections may be, they evoke powerful feelings of nostalgia, and spark a small desire to perhaps play those games once again.

Yet, when we begin our search for those video games online, we find that our eagerness starts to wane- there appears to be no Australia-based online retailer for retro video games. Where is our peace of mind when buying retro games online?

GameFleets was established exactly for this purpose. Years of experience – starting from our online Ebay store in 2012 – and a commitment to same day shipping has helped us to develop a logistics network that ensures that video games arrive promptly and safely to our customers. All of our games are backed by our 30-day warranty and are protected should anything go wrong. Additionally, prompt Messenger live-chat and email support is offered should our customers experience any difficulties or have any questions.

We are confident when we say that we are the most reliable online retailer for retro games in Australia.