Lord of Arcana Slayer Edition Sony PSP
Lord of Arcana Slayer Edition
Lord of Arcana Slayer Edition
Lord of Arcana Slayer Edition
Lord of Arcana Slayer Edition
Lord of Arcana Slayer Edition
Lord of Arcana Slayer Edition
Lord of Arcana Slayer Edition

Lord of Arcana Slayer Edition

Sony PSP
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Condition: Brand new
Region code: PAL
Genre: Action & Adventure
Publisher: Square Enix


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Condition Description

The item is brand new and sealed in the original packaging. It includes the game, soundtrack, artbook and box. There are signs of wear to the edges and sides of the box, and some signs of wear to the flaps on the box. There are no other signs of wear to the item.

      Product Description

      Lord of Arcana is an action game in which the player (as a customizable character) is taken to the world of Horodyn, where he will have to acquire the Arcana power. To do so, he will need to hone his skills by completing quests from the village of Porto Carillo's slayers guild. The quests consist of defeating specific foes, gathering material, and so on. As the player becomes stronger, the Arcana Stones from the nearby Arayd Temple will awaken, allowing the Master Guardians to be challenged, and their power claimed.

      The quests happen in set locations such as forests, caves and deserts. Upon defeating monsters in these quests, various materials can be obtained (either from the field, after battles or by destroying Monster Parts) and be used to craft equipment in the village. Apart from usable items like potions and charms, a variety of weapons, armors, orbs and cards can be equipped.

      Weapons: five types of weapons exist, each with their specific strengths ans weaknesses. Changing weapon will be useful depending on which opponent the player wants to face.

      Armors: The armors, shield and headgear. They can bestow great protection and sometimes have slots to equip orbs.

      Orbs: They have a wide array of powers. Some can be used to boost elemental attacks or defenses, some allow quicker movement or makes the weak points of monsters visible.

      Cards: Needed to cast magic. There are regular spells and the more powerful Ultimate Magics, which summons the Arcana Guardians to perform some incredible feats.

      The Guild also act as a place where multiple players can join and quest together via the PSP's ad hoc mode. The available quests are the ones that the host player can access in regular gameplay.

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