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Infamous 2 Promo Disc

Sony PlayStation 3
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Genre: Action & Adventure
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The game is in overall very good condition. There are no signs of wear to the item. The box and manual are not included.

      Product Description

      inFAMOUS 2 continues the story of Cole MacGrath, the protagonist of the original game. Right at the beginning Cole is thrown at facing a huge opponent known as The Beast. Little is known as to who or what the beast is and what is its goal. Defeated, Cole managed to escape the destruction of Empire City, and together with his partner Zeke Dunbar, and an NSA agent Lucy Kuo who he teamed up with in order to defeat The Beast, they sail south to the city of New Marais. His goal is to use the Ray Field Inhibitor device to weaken The Beast and take it head-on once and for all.

      But his stay in New Marais won't just let him prepare for the final conflict with lost of leisure time. Instead, he enters the conflict with local gangs and man trying to destroy all the conduits like Cole, and on the other hand a swamp filled with all kinds of monsters. On his quest to find the necessary Blast Cores that can power the Ray Inhibitor Device, he will have to do a lot of other jobs and quests in the town and its vicinity to increase his own powers and either help the citizens of New Marais, or become the thing to be feared.

      Cole will encounter Nix, a female conduit with a grudge against the man leading one of the city gangs. Meantime, after being experimented upon, agent Lucy Kuo herself will become conduit as well. Lucy and Nix will often present Cole with the choice of approaching a certain mission in a good or bad way which will affect Cole's karma. In the end, Cole will find out who The Beast really is and what is its goal, thus letting him choose whether to stop it or help it execute its plan.

      Almost all the previous powers from the original game are back with some new ones. Unlike the original game where each button combination was used for a single power, in this game Cole can purchase more powers of the same caliber which will let him assign the power he wants to use to a specific button combination. Unassigned powers cannot be used until assigned. The game lets you use save game file from inFAMOUS to initially raise your good or evil karma.

      As you perform good or evil deeds, your karma will fluctuate toward a blue or red bar, letting you purchase new powers that represent the karma type, as you cannot have both. Many side missions are similar to those in original game, meaning helping citizens, protecting them from the gangs, turning on electricity, taking photographs and more. Certain side missions are more good/evil oriented and can be performed exclusively, either a good or an evil side mission, but not both. Being evil will turn the police and townsfolk against you as well as everyone else, but you won't have to think about collateral damage. Being good will yield you many allies, but you will have to watch where you shoot.

      As a man of electricity, Cole can use zip lines to glide, but touching the water is deadly. You can climb pretty much any building and fall down from virtually any height without the fear of death. This time, you will also be equipped for close combat which lets you unleash some deadly combos, and certain creatures are only weak in close combat and impervious to lightning shots from the distance. There are many strong enemies in this game and most of them have a specific weak point or a single attack type they are weak against. As in the previous game, you can heal wounded citizens, even in groups if you upgrade that healing power, restrain enemies or draw their life power to charge yourself.

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