Hyrule Warriors
Hyrule Warriors
Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors

Nintendo Wii U
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Condition: Pre-owned
Region code: PAL
Genre: Action & Adventure
Publisher: Nintendo


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Condition Description

The game is in overall very good condition. There is a very light scratch on the disc. There are no other signs of wear to the item.

Product Description

Hyrule Warriors is a hack and slash action game set in The Legend of Zelda universe with gameplay very similar to Tecmo Koei Games' Dynasty Warriors series where characters fight in battles against hundreds of enemies at once. The game is set in the Zelda world of Hyrule and you start with Link as a Hylian soldier trainee. The world's evil presence Ganondorf was once defeated and his soul was split into four fragments that were hidden in different places. Even though Ganondorf was defeated he managed to influence the sorceress Cia to open portals in time where monsters are able to pass through. At the start of the game Hyrule castle is under attack and rookie Link manages to impress on the battlefield. In the confusion Zelda disappears and Hyrule castle is captured. Link investigates with Zelda's trustee Impa and is given the trademark green outfit, offered to the hero who can restore the balance of the Triforce.

In the main Legend mode Link travels through different environments linked together on a world map, fighting to meet the victory conditions. Other characters are gradually unlocked as well, so it possible to play as Impa, Sheik, Zeda, Lana, Darunia or Fi for instance. Fighting is based on fast combos, often attacking multiple enemies at once, while incoming attacks can be avoided through dodge rolls. It is possible to lock the camera onto a single enemy to keep it in view and then cycle between different ones. Defeating enemies adds to a global experience level used to level up. It also fills up a yellow attack gauge and when full a powerful attack can be unleashed, often damaging over 50 enemies at once. Picked up magic jars fill up a green magic gauge. When full focus spirit can be activated. It temporarily increases the attack power and speed, reduces knock back damage and provides bonuses when killing many enemies at once. By then consuming the magic gauge entirely a focus spirit attack is activated to knock down opponents and expose weak points.

Many large opponents have weak points. Once exposed a weak points gauge meter appears above an enemy and when it has filled up by attacking another powerful move can be performed. Items to collect during battles includes rupees, bonuses for magic, health and items, weapon fragments, vases to destroy for health, materials and temporary item power-ups from enemies. Multiple items can be collected and equipped, with the ability to cycle between them quickly. These are often found in treasure chests. One of the important items is the bomb used to deal damage and clear obstacles. The maps are generally very large with multiple areas to control. The main character almost never fights alone and has to keep track of different goals and objectives to move around quickly. These include capturing areas, defeating bosses and protecting certain characters. When the goals are ignored it is possible the defeat conditions are reached and the level is lost, even without dying. Goals can be tracked in the options menu and they can also through the mini-map in the top right corner. Green arrows appear in the level to help navigation and the fairy Proxi provides tips and suggestions.

Levels often contain multiple keeps that keep spawning endless reinforcements when under enemy control. By defeating enemies in such an area a keep meter can be reduced, causing a keep boss to appear. When defeated the keep is controlled, but it can be recaptured. Other levels have outposts with a similar mechanic. By defeating an outpost captain soldiers spawning for your side can be activated. Armies have a morale system, shown through colour, which can be improved when fighting alongside them. A specific event is the appearance of a gold Skulltula. There are one hundred in the game and they sometimes appear on the map in sections marked with a spider web before fleeing again. When defeated they provide a piece of an illustration. There are five full illustrations in total and these provide rewards such as perks and potions. After completing an area rupees are provided for the clear bonus, clear time and additional bonuses such as completed objectives.

Before starting a level a warrior can be chosen along with weapons of different types, and outfits. Rupees can be spent at the bazar. At the badge market for instance rupees and material can be used to craft attack, defense or assist badges with various enchantments. The training dojo is used to trade rupees for leveling characters quickly, and the apothecary provides temporary mixtures and restorative potions for empty bottles. Many skills and badges are tied to the character they are crafted with and these can be transferred afterwards at the smithy.

Next to the main Legend mode there is an Adventure mode with a map similar to the 8-bit Zelda games. By completing objectives new parts of the grid can be unlocked and there are segments where classic Zelda items are used. The third mode is the Free mode where players can experiment with all available characters freely. The final game mode is the Challenge mode where specific challenges need to be completed. New challenges are provided through updated at a regular basis. Many characters, enemies and environments are inspired by earlier Zelda games.

The game supports local cooperative multiplayer, either playing split-screen or with one player using the TV and the other one with an own screen on the GamePad. Off-TV play is also supported for single-player games. Certain achievements can be shared in the Miiverse.

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