Battleborn Promo Disc
Battleborn Promo Disc

Battleborn Promo Disc

Sony PlayStation 4
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Condition: Pre-owned
Region code: PAL
Genre: Shooter
Publisher: 2K Games


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Condition Description

The game is in overall very good condition. There are some very light scuffs on the plastic case. There are no other signs of wear to the item.

      Product Description

      Battleborn is a multiplayer-centered first-person shooter with comic graphics. During the campaign, the players need to stabilize the Battleborn alliance to defend the galaxy against the evil Varelsi. On eight maps (plus tutorial), the players need to complete the mission goals which can be divided into three types: raid (go to a location and kill enemies), defend (surviving enemy waves) and escort. Running out of energy vaporizes a team life and when all are gone, the mission has to started from the beginning. While the maps can be played alone, they are designed for co-operational play for up to four players.

      The heart of the game are the three 5v5 multiplayer modes. Capture is a domination variant where players have to capture and hold specific points on the map for victory points. In meltdown, players need to defend AI-controlled minions which move to an incinerator at the middle of the map. Each creature which reaches the goal, rewards points. The most complex mode is incursion where both teams need to destroy two enemy robots. Those are guarded by an energy field which makes them invulnerable to regular weapons - unless they are attacked by the AI controlled minions. Additionally the players can collect currency which is used to either buy/upgrade towers (attack, defense or healing) or activate items which reward statistics bonuses. More powerful AI minions can be acquired by destroying their camps on the map edges.

      The player can choose between 25 heroes which all have different abilities. The key of winning matches are a balanced team of different characters. When starting a game, only seven are available, but more are unlocked by completing the campaign, solving challenges or improving the player level simply by playing a lot. Within a match, the heroes start with level one and gain experience. After every level up (maximum level ten), the player can choose between two or three upgrades.

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          Battleborn Promo Disc has been cleaned, tested and is working. If you experience any difficulties in getting the game to run on your system, please contact us via email or live chat. Faulty products will be refunded in full under our 30-day free warranty policy.

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