Aegis of Earth Protonovus Assault Sony PlayStation 3
Aegis of Earth Protonovus Assault
Aegis of Earth Protonovus Assault

Aegis of Earth Protonovus Assault

Sony PlayStation 3
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Condition: Pre-owned
Region code: PAL
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Aksys Games


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Condition Description

The game is in overall good condition. There is a yellow sticker mark on the manual. There are no other signs of wear to the item.

      Product Description

      Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault is set 50 years after the so-called "Silent Apocalypse": a catastrophe which brought monsters in the world which only have one thing in their minds - killing all remaining humans. Those are gathered in a few remaining cities powered by the new element altenite.

      In its core, this game is a tower defense game: monsters attack the city in waves (in contrast to other genre brethren, they take the direct way) and are shot down by defense machines previously bought by the player. Of course there are different enemy types which are vulnerable to certain weapons. The speciality is that the cities are constructed as rings (there is an inner ring, an outer ring, another outer ring and so on). During battle, these rings can be rotated individually to meet the requirements of the current attack. When multiple weapons from different rings are perfectly aligned, they form a more powerful weapon.

      Between attacks, there is an unlimited planning phase in which the player engages in city development: besides the obvious things to buy (more weapons, weapon upgrades) there are also other things to take care of, for example structures for refugees (a bigger population results in more tax income) or research of advanced weaponry. Later in the game the player will take control over multiple cities, including the option to jump back and forth via a world map.

      The frame story is mostly told in dialogues between a cast of anime characters. The involved people are also present during battles and may trigger their special ability (there are six classes). However, the player has no direct influence what and which ability is activated; it mostly hinges on the character's focus level. An example for keeping focus high is the option to personally thank one team member after a mission.

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