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Why Some PS3 Games Have Blue Labels

In early 2014, Sony announced that the box art of all forthcoming PS3 games would change from a black to a blue "PS3" label. Sony said that this was to bring the look of the box art in line with that of the PlayStation 4 (PS4), for which the first games had just been launched, and the PlayStation Vita. The first game to be released with the new blue label was Deception IV: Blood Ties in North America.

Deception IV Blood Ties Sony PlayStation 3 PS3 Blue Label

Deception IV: Blood Ties was the first blue label PS3 game to be released.

This was the second major update to the PS3 box art. The first occurred in 2009 and coincided with the PS3 Slim console release. The initial design had "PlayStation 3" printed in Spider-man style font on the front and a red label on the spine, and this was updated to the now familiar black label template. Sony attributed this change to the desire to "set a new direction for the PS3", and to the "PlayStation 3" text on the front not being visible enough.

Changes to the PS3 box art over time

 There have been two major changes to the PS3 box art design since PS3 games were first released in 2007.

The move was not received well by the PlayStation community. Many gamers complained that the PS3 box art looked too similar to the PS4 box art and caused confusion. People were reportedly buying blue label PS3 games under the impression that they could be played on PS4 consoles, and were met with disappointment when the game did not run. Of course, this was because the PS4 is not backwards compatible.

As a result, Sony scrapped further prints of the blue label boxes soon after the box art update, and reverted to the black label template.

Only a handful of games were printed with a blue label, and most were not released outside of the US. This has prompted collectors to amass a blue label PS3 games collection.

List of blue label PS3 games

Complete list of PS3 games that were released with a blue label box design.

The PS3 games that were printed with a blue label are:

• Deception IV: Blood Ties

• Drakengard 3

• Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends

• Everybody Dance 3

• LEGO Hobbit

• Mugen Souls Z

• Murdered: Soul Suspect

• Rambo The Video Game

• Sports Pack Vol. 1

• The Amazing Spider-Man 2

• Ultra Street Fighter IV

• Watch Dogs

• Wolfenstein: The New Order


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