Red Ninja End Of Honor Sony PlayStation 2

Red Ninja End Of Honor

Sony PlayStation 2
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Condition: Pre-owned
Region code: PAL
Genre: Fighting
Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games


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Product Description

The game is set in medieval Japan, at the time of "warring states". Shingen Takeda and Nobunaga Oda clans are fighting each other, trying to gain supremacy over the entire Japan. The heroine of the game is a young girl called Kurenai ("crimson"), the daughter of a prominent Japanese engineer whose new invention (apparently, a destructive weapon) has drawn the attention of the warring clans. Ninjas sent by Nobunaga Oda attack his workshop, kill him, and leave Kurenai hanging from a tree tied by tetsugen, a piece of wire used by ninjas as a weapon. But a kind woman saves Kurenai, and trains her to be a ninja herself. This is where her quest for revenge begins.

"Red Ninja" is an action game with stealth elements. The primary weapon Kurenai uses is the deadly tetsugen. During the game you'll learn to perform new moves with this weapon. You can also use other weapons, such as a blowgun and throwing knives. Kurenai can jump, hang from ledges, and roll. There is a fair amount of platform-like sequences where she will have to demonstrate her acrobatic ninja technique. An effective way to kill enemies is to use stealth. Kurenai can approach enemies silently and hide behind objects. She can also "seduce" enemies, by talking to them in a sexy way and luring them to their death - a move that doesn't always work.

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