Myth Makers Orbs Of Doom Sony PlayStation 2

Myth Makers Orbs Of Doom

Sony PlayStation 2
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Condition: Pre-owned
Region code: PAL
Genre: Platformer
Publisher: Phoenix Games


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Product Description

Myth Makers: Orbs of Doom is a 1 - 4 player platform game.

In a far away place and time lies a realm of myths and legends and at a secret location within this magical realm lies the Myth Makers Academy. Here young people study the magical art of Myth Making hoping to eventually become a Myth Master.

Assistant Principle Synster Rebus works at the academy and he is a bad guy. He has had many of his evil plans thwarted by the the academy's students and now he's out for revenge. Rebus has captured Nick, Zeek, Zolestine, Jack, Trixie, Romeo, Belle and Felicia the academy's most promising cadets. He has imprisoned them in magical balls, the eponymous Orbs of Doom, and has scattered them all around the world.

Thus begins the adventure. The player(s) each take the role of one of eight characters whom they must navigate through each of the five levels in the five different worlds in a three dimensional landscape. Each level requires the player to negotiate a path from the start point through to the exit gates. Along the way are perilous drops which will catch anyone who strays from the path, exploding boxes, see-saws, pendulums and platforms.

There are multiple methods of playing this game.
Normal Mode: is the way in which each new level is presented to a player. It is not timed and allows the player to explore the level before attempting the harder modes of play

Star Challenge: This is a timed mode where the player must collect ten red stars before the exit gates will open

Time Attack: In this mode the player aims to complete the level as fast as possible. The time is recorded and the level can be replayed as the player tries to achieve progressively faster scores.

Pickups: This is also a timed level. In addition to picking up ten red stars to open the exit gates the player can also collect gold stars for extra points. The object is to score as highly as possible without running out of time.
The game is played via the keyboard, alternatively both game pad and joystick are supported.

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