Monopoly Boggle Yahtzee Battleship Nintendo DS

Monopoly Boggle Yahtzee Battleship

Nintendo DS
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Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Atari


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Product Description

A compilation of four of Hasbro's licensed games, Monopoly / Boggle/ Yahtzee / Battleship may be played in single player mode against computer opponents, or in wireless multi-player mode with other people. Multi-player mode consists of up to four people; each having their own cartridge, or single-card play, one player with a game card, and each player with a DS (this mode only works with Battleship and Boggle). "Hot Seat" mode is also available, with one DS and one cartridge with people taking turns, passing it to the next person when their turn is finished. Monopoly, Yahtzee and Battleship also appeared on different compilations for the Gameboy Advance.

Players take turns buying, auctioning, and trading property, receive money by passing GO, collecting rent and drawing the appropriate Chance and Community Chest cards, and win the game by being the remaining player left without going bankrupt. Two to four people may play, and you may play the game using Standard Rules, or Custom Rules, adjusting the amount of Luxury and Income Tax, starting cash, and whether or not you collect double salary for landing on the GO space. You may adjust the computer difficulty level in single player mode.

Touch the screen to shake the letter cubes, and find as many words as you can by connecting adjoining letters on the touch screen. Letters have to join in proper order, you may not use the same letter cube in the same word, and letters may be joined horizontally, diagonally, or vertically, left, right, or up and down. Words must be legal words found in a standard English dictionary, and words that aren't accepted are crossed out. You may tap the stylus on the screen to select letter cubes, or slide it across the cubes to form a word, and double-tap the last letter to enter the word. Game modes consist of Classic; find as many words you can in three minutes, Time Attack; set a time limit from one to five minutes, Word Find; find the provided list of words in three minutes, and Word Count; find as many words you can with no time limit.

Roll five dice, keep or re-roll remaining dice to gain the best score possible on each turn with up to three rolls per turn, and try to have the highest score possible to win the game. Roll five of a kind for a Yahtzee. Single play allows you to set the computer difficulty level, and multi-player mode allows you to play against a friend. During a player's turn, they may stop at any time, but must enter a score if they have used their three rolls during their turn. The control pad is used to scroll the scoring boxes to enter your score using the stylus; once a score is entered, you may not enter a score in that same box again. You may choose various modes of play from Classic, to special themed games like Hamster, Haunted, Lava, Lunar, and Pisa.

Place your five ships horizontally or vertically, Players take turns by firing shots on the grid, in an attempt to sink their opponent's ships before their opponent sinks their fleet of ships. You may select Single player mode, or you may play against a friend in Multi-Player mode. You may choose from different styles of fleets; Classic, Viking, Pirate, Modern, Sci-Fi, or Underwater. You may select different rules options like Standard; players take turns firing shots on the grid to try sinking the other player's ships, Ultimate; like Standard except you also are able to place five mines before the game starts; an opponent's ship takes a hit if they place a ship on one of your mines (only with Classic or Modern fleets), and Speed War; this mode plays as Standard, except you only have three seconds to fire your shots.

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