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Condition: Pre-owned
Region code: PAL
Genre: Action-adventure
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios


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Product Description

Tangled is a game based on the 2010 animated Disney film of the same name. The story is loosely based on the German fairy tale Rapunzel. It is set in a fantasy kingdom where one day a drop of sunshine fell from the skies. It turned into a beautiful flower said to heal the injured. When the queen became ill during her pregnancy, she drank a broth from the flower and became better, and when she delivered her daughter the princess had golden hair that also held the magical power. An old woman called Mother Gothel became jealous of the power and wanted it for herself. She kidnapped the princess Rapunzel and locked her up in a tower deep in a forest. As the girl was still small, she remained unaware and was raised by Gothel, who forbade her to leave the tower. By keeping close to the hair, Gothel had her beauty and youth restored. One day a man called Flynn Rider accidentally discovers the tower and Rapunzel tricks Gothel into going away for three days to find the ingredients for a special paint. Loosely based on the film's story, the game starts when Rapunzel and Flynn are together in the tower.

Her tower room acts as a central hub. It provides access to nine challenges. These are short mini-games that are unlocked by completing them through the main adventure. There is also a mural that can be painted as a coloring activity, but initially some colors are still locked. Many more drawings to paint can be found along the journey. Rapunzel can also access a map that leads to the main game's missions and track the overall statistics. The game is shown from a side-view but is in 3D and next to horizontal movement a small amount of vertical movement is also possible. Rapunzel can heal the environment with her hair to make flowers grow. This causes sun drops to appear that make her hair glow and fill a meter near the top. Both Flynn and Rapunzel are controlled, but only one at a time. At any moment it is possible to switch to Flynn, who can use his saber to cut foliage and other obstacles to progress. For Flynn a meter with his saber is filled gradually by collecting blue orbs often hidden in tree trunks and barrels. When it is full, his saber glows permanently and special attacks become available.

The character not controlled by the player follows automatically. They can also move and jump together when they hold hands. Linking and unlinking them is done by the player. Mushrooms act as trampolines and characters can also launch each other by using logs as teeter-totters. The game can be played cooperatively with another player to control both characters. Rapunzel uses her hair to attack and to swing over gaps, while Flynn has to climb over rocks. She can also let down her hair so he can climb up. Opponents are usually guards who are after Flynn. When all purple flowers are healed, a new item is found. Flynn can discover hidden treasure when a question mark appears. When carefully scouting environment, the spot with the hidden loot is eventually located.

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